A laugh for the day!

A co-worker got a pen stuck inside our printer. He started to try and remove the pen, but I told him we don’t have time for that now, just put a note on the printer telling folks not to use it and then report it to the Help Desk. So he grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled on it.
I’d left before he finished the note.
About 20 minutes later, one of my techs comes in laughing and says he was just in the lobby, saw a piece of paper on a printer and went to investigate.
*Attached is what he found.. Sometimes things don’t always come out the way you expect them to……..

The space between words can be important !

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    • Un muncitor ramasese cu un creion (pen) blocat intr-un xerox,incercase el sa-l scoata de acolo ,insa un coleg ii spusese ca nu e timp pentru acest lucru ,asa ca mai bine ia o coala de hartie si scrie pe ea ca nu este functionabil iar cei de la service IT vor rezolva problema.Colegul plecase inainte ca acesta sa scrie .
      Dupa 20 de minute vine cineva razand,doar ce fusese pe coridor si gasise acea hartie scrisa,asa ca s-a dus sa investigheze.Pe acea hartie scria ” nu atingeti,penis blocat” ,asta pentru ca nu a tinut cont de spatiul dintre cuvinte ,ci le-a scris impreunat.
      “Pen is stuck” ,trebuia scris….:D

  1. Hai ca mergea si reformulat : pen got stuck in, pls don’t use this printer… sau ceva de genul…in fine…am mai vazut diverse chestii cu pen si is, funny,

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